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Improve your health with only one vegetable

We won’t make a mistake if we say that beets are one of the most amazing among all of the fruits and vegetables that mother nature provides us with. The intensive purple color dominates in every mixture where beets can be found.

Way back in the days, there was a situation where it’s consumption was restricted only to the leaves avoiding the part we consume today, which is the vegetable itself. In its history, the beet won our appreciation for the essential flavor it adds to the salads.

Talking from a health benefits point of view, beets are the most recommended vegetables. The preferred consumption is at least two times a week, and there isn’t a limitation in who can or cannot consume them, despite the big concentration of sugar in it.

Not only they have an essential color or flavor, but they can have a great contribution to health and prevent from a great number of diseases.

The following are the benefits that our bodies can have with their regular consumption.

Reduce blood pressure

Beet juice helps us reduce blood pressure in only a few hours. The nitrates contained in beets, converted into nitric oxide by the body, help the blood circulation making it more fluid in order to regulate the blood pressure. Also with the high content of potassium and its low content of sodium, the beet prevents from a heart disease or stroke.  One glass of beet juice lowers our blood pressure by 5 points according to a recent research.

Improves our physical stamina

Before any physical activity drink one glass of beet juice and you will improve your performance. The transformation of nitrates into nitric oxide reduces the cost of oxygen in our body.

Prevent inflammation

Betaine, which can be found in its bulb, nourishes cells with proteins and enzymes, fights inflammation, reduces vascular risks, and prevents some chronic diseases.

Prevent cancer

Thanks to the phytonutrients not only beets get that amazing purple color but also their consumption reduces the chances of cancer and tumor formations in different parts of the body.

Provides fiber and nutrients

Practicing this new and fast lifestyle, we get to a point when it is crucial to improve our immune system and protect our body from all the threats to our health. By consuming beets we ingest a great part of the vitamins and minerals needed for the regular work of our bodies such as vitamin C, vitamin B which reduces the risks of malformation in the fetus, potassium (improves the brain function), manganese (strengthens the bones) and fiber.

Detoxifies the body

Beets have a major role in removing the accumulated toxins which cannot be disposed of naturally and help clean the liver and blood thanks to the pigments it contains.

It’s irrelevant whether we consume it raw as a salad, as a juice or cooked but it is really important to include this vegetable, including its leaves, in our diet. When consumed boiled we recommend not to remove the skin although it’s better to steam them in order to conserve the nutrients and the original flavor.

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